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TypedEssays.com is the world’s leading academic research writing service, helping students since 2010.Our team is always ready to assist you with works of different levels: high-school essays (review, persuasive, argumentative essays, research papers, etc.), college and university papers. We were students, too. Now, our experience lets us give you a great service, as we know exactly what students need.


Our core mission is to deliver high quality and authentic custom papers that aid students and researchers achieve their academic goals. Our coursework assistance service is strategically oriented towards attaining this objective.


The main objective of Typed Essays is to provide high-quality academic and custom essays to assist researchers and students to achieve their academic goals. our company relies upon six core values that determine our business decisions and strategic orientation. Our employees are motivated to adhere to these core values while interacting with our clients with clients.

The Customer is Always Right

Our principle is based on the satisfaction of our clients. To this end, the interests of our clients are placed above everything else. We strongly believe that our reputation is based on the trust bestowed upon us by our clients. During all transactions with our clients, we ensure that they receive papers that meet or exceed their expectations and in time.

High-Quality Products

Our essays are thoroughly researched and completely plagiarism-free. We have established a training and development program that is geared at keeping our writers informed and up to date with regards to the latest trends in the field of academic research. As a result, our papers are relevant and referenced properly.

Ethical Standards

Our success is attributed to the trust that we have earned from our clients. The highest ethical standards are used during the completion of every order placed with us. Our writers are motivated to embrace the highest standards of ethics, regardless of whether it may mean directing a client to another service provider.

Academic Excellence

Our writers are motivated by your academic excellence. We believe that fostering long-term relationships with our clients promotes organizational learning. We like to receive feedback from our clients with regards to the outcome of our essays. This assists us in improving the quality of our products continuously.

Effective Communication

Prior to beginning work on your order, we ensure that they are familiarized with the specification of your order. We also provide assistance to our clients with regards to tracking the progress of their orders. We do this by providing updates and drafts frequently so that the client’s feedback can be incorporated into their orders before their papers are completed. This ensures that there is minimal redundancy and time is saved while also ensuring that the client receives exactly what they had in mind when they placed their order.

Highly Qualified Workforce

Our writers are highly qualified to complete a wide range of essays. In addition to this, they are also vastly experienced in their respective subject areas. We are constantly improving the skills of our writers through the organization of seminars and workshops. These aid in sharpening their skills and enhancing their expertise with regards to the trends in the field of academic research.

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